Frequently Asked Questions:



1. How can I submit a prayer request?

A prayer request can be submitted through our website by clicking here. You can also email prayer requests to prayer{AT}

2. What if I want a pastor and/or someone from the Wholehearted Prayer Team to come to the hospital to pray with my family?

Wholehearted Foundation has many different relationships with various Christian pastors in the area. Please email prayer{AT} to arrange a pastor to come visit and pray with your family.

3. Who will see the prayer requests sent to Wholehearted Foundation?

Dedicated members of the Wholehearted Foundation Prayer Team will receive a prayer request email that will list the various prayer requests sent to Wholehearted Foundation. If you would like your prayer request to be anonymous, please make sure to specify.


1. What sort of documentation is needed from families in order to apply for financial assistance from Wholehearted Foundation?

Families are asked to complete the following steps in order to receive financial support.

1. Submit a completed application  under the For Families section on our website.

2. Provide copies of supportive documents. (i.e. receipts, invoices, statements, account information, etc.) that may be needed to process a payment to a third party

2. Are financial grants ever given directly to a family?

As of now, all financial grants are paid directly to a third party. (i.e. if the family needs rent/mortgage support, WHF will pay the property management/bank directly.) If the family is in need of other types of financial support (i.e. money to buy groceries, etc) they will work directly with someone from WHF to coordinate this effort.

 3. What are the current limits as to the amount of financial assistance a family can receive?

Financial grants are determined based on each individual family’s needs, Wholehearted Foundation’s financial resources, and Wholehearted Foundation’s Board approval.

 4. Does a family have to be Christian in order to receive assistance?

Although Wholehearted Foundation is a Christ centered ministry, the families we are serving do not need to be Christian. However, families should understand that sharing the love of Christ is our first and foremost priority.

5. Does Wholehearted Foundation help families impacted by non cardiac illnesses or at hospitals other than Children’s National Medical Center?

As of right now, Wholehearted Foundation is solely dedicated to helping those families in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s National Medical Center, although we do have hopes of one day expanding to other regions and illnesses.



1. How can I be connected with other families who have gone through similar circumstances?

One of Wholehearted Foundation’s goals is to connect different families based on similar situations. If you would like to be connected with a family who has similar experiences in the CHD world, please email Info{AT}

Program Awareness

1. What types of programs are available to help my family?

Many counties in the Washington, DC metro area have dedicated resources available to help families with children with Congenital Heart Defects. Each state and county has different requirements that need to be met in order to receive these services. Wholehearted Foundation cannot guarantee assistance from any programs, however, will be happy to assist families with connecting with their particular county.

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