Our board members have collectively spent many months (even years) in the hospital with their children battling life threatening heart disease. We understand the extreme pressures that such a crisis can place on all areas of life for the child in the battle and all members of their family. Through the difficulties that we have endured so far, we consider ourselves very fortunate compared to most other families in the same situation. Our faith in Jesus Christ has given us hope when all seems hopeless, we have had support from our local churches, families that live close to the hospital, employers that have been helpful and understanding, financial resources to bear the costs of long hospital stays, and excellent insurance.

Our hearts have been broken to see that for most families, the pressures of a long hospital stay can very negatively impact many areas of life and simply put, we feel called to make a difference. Our desire is to be an expression of the love of Jesus towards heart families in their darkest hour. We exist to express the hope that Jesus provides, and to make a tangible difference when you are experiencing hardship during your child’s battle with congenital heart disease.

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