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Tyler Grosso

Ray Bennet

With a strong friendship, a common goal, and a large vision, Tyler and Ray collaborated on a Project called, Choose Hope to help spread awareness for Congenital Heart Defects and other Heart Complications/Diseases. In partnership with the Wholehearted Foundation, Tyler and Ray raised over 10 Thousand Dollars for families in need from this Project. The Choose Hope Project was a multi-faceted Project that sought to help the Wholehearted Foundation raise funds, increase awareness of our Foundation’s Mission, and help engage people in our activities thru designing, promoting, and auctioning a custom-painted skateboard.

Tyler Grosso is a Fashion Model based in New York. His approach to the Fashion Industry is exceptionally admirable and inspiring. He has created quite a name for himself, from being hired on large photoshoot campaigns, being in a few online magazine editorials, and having a few viral videos on his social media pages. Tyler’s photos and videos are captivating, creative, diverse, and unique. His impressive resume aside, you can tell how big-hearted Tyler is by his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Red Cross. Additionally, Tyler uses his social media platform to connect, positively impact, and unite people, communities, and ideas. His ability to create a story with his pictures is bar none.

Ray Bennett is a father, an artist, and a video creator. Ray got into art when he started drawing cartoons to pack with his kids’ lunches. He then became passionate about drawing and created more art using various styles. These drawings would later be posted online under the alias Marazki. His social media presence is outstanding, with over 13.5 Million Likes and 600k Followers on TikTok alone. His favorite art creation is the Heart Guy, which also acts as his logo. The Heart Guy was designed with three little scars, inspired by Ray’s son Micah, who had severe CHD, resulting in three open heart surgeries before age three. Ray is highly talented and loves to bring people together through his art.

The Wholehearted Foundation endorses the values exemplified by Tyler and Ray. Their Choose Hope Project was ingenious. They wanted to create a fun idea that ties in with both of their followers and could translate the message to always #ChooseHope, a positive affirmation for those going through challenging times. The design on the skateboard displays Ray’s creation of his Heart Guy while incorporating Tyler’s message of transcendence and not giving up. Together the skateboard came out amazing.

Skateboard Design #ChooseHope

Tyler and Ray founded their Project, Choose Hope, to inspire children battling Heart Disease and Heart Defects. To promote this initiative, they filmed a few videos highlighting the skateboard and the Project’s message. These videos have received thousands of views, comments, and nationwide attention, including many from kids battling Heart Disease and Heart Defects. This Project has had a tremendous impact on our Community and was designed to inspire children going through similar health difficulties.

Below are the two videos links from their Choose Hope Project.

Furthermore, Family is essential for both men and is an underlining tone for this Project. We take pride in saying we are one BIG Family. Our Foundation aims to create a positive community that boosts awareness and encourages others to share their stories. Giving support makes a difference in someone’s life and can make a dream come true for families facing life-threatening health conditions.

Follow Tyler Grosso and Ray Bennet’s socials to stay current on this Project and track their future career updates as they become available.

Tyler Grosso: @ty_grosso / www.tygrosso.com 
Ray Bennet: @maraki 

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